Welcome To Preservation Financial Group, LLC

Albert Einstein said “whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." Albert was a pretty smart guy, and I think you'd agree your finances are a pretty important matter.

After growing up in Johnson City, the first 14 years of my adult life were spent in the Marine Corps and as an Air Traffic Controller. I know what it means to have people trust me. Trust me with their lives.

I'm Davis Garrison, owner of Preservation Financial Group. When it comes to your finances, I'm nothing less than a straight shooter. As a fiduciary, I'm even required by law to act in your best interests.

If you're looking for a financial advisor who will shoot straight with you, you've
come to the right place. 

Learn more about our services to help you Preserve, Protect and Grow your wealth.  

Davis D. Garrison III
President and Founder, Preservation Financial Group, LLC  
Investment Advisor Representative